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nstats - Linux network received/trasnmitted stats: shell script is a shell (bash) script to get info about a network device's received and transmitted data. It shows current network speed in bytes/second, packets/second and total bytes got/sent since program started. It shows for both got and sent data. Data is represented in Byte/KiloByte/MegaByte/GigaByte/TeraByte and Packet.
Date: 12-02-2023 02:20 UTC

zram - Linux compressed ram block device: setup and script
Linux has a facility to use random access memory as block device with compression. It uses lzo lz4 zstd for compression.
Date: 12-02-2023 02:20 UTC

Tafenoquine - A new single dose drug for recurrent malarial human disease approved by US FDA
A new drug Tafenoquine to treat Malaria caused by mosquitos has been approved by USA Food and Drug Administration for general use after 60 years. It is specifically for the recurring form of malarial disease caused by Plasmodium Vivax which remains dormant in liver for may be many years and reawakening many times after. This type of malarial disease affects 8.5 million people each year and causes illness. It is manufactured by Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK) as brand name, Krintafel.
Date: 23-07-2018 02:20:50 UTC